From watch servicing and complete restoration to batteries, glasses and water testing. Whatever your need, for whatever brand, we can provide that service.

Watch Service | Watch Repair | Watch Restoration

Watch Servicing

Once we receive your watch it will be photographed, and entered on our computer system so that it can be tracked by us through the whole process of its repair

Estimates will be given on request, and will never be charged for

Once the watch has been proceeded the related service parts are ordered and the watch is passed to the workshop

The movement is removed from the case and bracelet, and while the case and bracelet are inspected and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, the dissembled movement is cleaning in a specialist watch cleaning machine

The clean movement parts are again inspected, before the re-assembly process starts

During the reassembly the movement is lubricated with the manufactures recommended greases and oils

The hands and dial are now returned to the movement and the complete movement is returned to the case

Watch timing and testing will be carried out on mechanical watches, water proof watches will be resealed and tested to the specified water resistance (up to 1000 meters)

Once the watch has passed all the tests, the watch will be ready for dispatch and will be returned to the customer with certificates for the timing and water resistance.